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icon platinumThe RSV Group has gained extensive experience in the Platinum Mining Industry and has provided specialised services in all aspects of access to the orebody. Our client list includes the top three platinum producers in South Africa – Anglo American Platinum, Implats, Lonmin and Aquarius Platinum - as well as junior mining companies such as Royal Bafokeng Holdings, Eastern Platinum and Pandora.

Who to contact

Lubbe JJohan Lubbe

CEO: RSV International

Tel: +27 10 109 9190



Related Projects

Project NameClient NameProject LocationProject DescriptionScope of ServicesProject ValueDuration
BRPM North Shaft Project - click here for moreRoyal Bafokeng HoldingsRustenburg, South AfricaElectrical and instrumentation design and equipmentElectrical and instrumentation designs, procurement, technical and commercial adjudicating, E&I equipment required in accordance with the piping and instrument designs, factory acceptance testing and site supervision of the E&I contractorsUndisclosed2005-2011
Emergency Power Supply System Project - click here for moreAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaPower and electricityCommisioning of 21 containerised 3MW General Electric diesel generators rated at 11kV or 6.6kV depending on the plant system voltagesUndisclosed2010
Impala Flash Dryer PlantImpala PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaFeasibility study, EPCM servicesFeasibility study and EPCM contract for the implementation phase of the Flash Dryer Project, including engineering (all disciplines), procurement, construction management, safety management, commissioning and overall project managementUndisclosed2007
12 Shaft Lower UG 2 DeclineImpala PlatinumSouth AfricaControl budget estimateControl budget estimateUndisclosed2010
Frank Underground 2 ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaUnderground expansionConcept phase to EPCMZAR1.98 billion2004-2006
K3 Sub Decline ShaftLonminRustenburg, South AfricaEPCM servicesEPCMZAR1.5 billion2008 – 2015
Middelpunt Hill Underground 2 ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaUnderground developmentEPCMZAR1.3 billion2007
Turffontein Decline ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaUnderground expansionFeasibility to EPCMZAR350 million2007
Brakfontein Merensky ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaEngineering, design and procurementEngineering, design and procurementZAR1.1 billion2004-2010
Akanani Feasibility StudyLonminRustenburg, South AfricaFeasibility study for a 240ktpm mineFeasibility study for a 240ktpm mineCirca ZAR10billion2011 – 2012
Akanani Infrastructure ProjectLonminSouth AfricaStudy workPre-feasibility studyUndisclosed2009
Akanani ProjectLonminSouth AfricaStudy workStudy phase (scoping, pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed design)Undisclosed2007-2009
Bathopele Phase 5 Feasibility StudyAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaFeasibility studyFeasibility studyZAR43.2 million2010 – 2023
Boschfontein ShaftAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaStudy workConceptual and pre-feasibility studyUndisclosed2005-2007
BRPM Phase 3 Feasibility StudyRoyal Bafokeng HoldingsRustenburg, South AfricaFeasibility studyFeasibility studyZAR340,000 million2010 – 2011
Kareespruit ProjectEastern PlatinumSouth AfricaStudy workContinue with feasibility study and develop a control budget estimateZAR13 million2008
Kroondal Mine ProjectAquarius PlatinumSouth AfricaK6 partial pre-feasibility studyK6 partial pre-feasibility studyUndisclosed2007
Limpopo Phase 2 ProjectLonminSouth AfricaStudy workStudy phase (scope determination of Limpopo Phase 2 feasibility and Baobab optimisation)Undisclosed2009
Magazynskraal ProjectBoynton InvestmentsSouth AfricaDesign and study workSurface infrastructure and underground engineering design for pre- and feasibility study for Magazynskraal/Sedibelo East PlatinumUndisclosed2011
Pandora 240ktpm ProjectPandora Joint VentureSouth AfricaFeasibility studyFeasibility studyUndisclosed2008-2009
Pandora E3 60kton Feasibility revisionLonminRustenburg, South AfricaPandora E3 60kton feasibility revisionAmend existing study report to establish the strategic fit and attractiveness of the business case for the business unitUndisclosed2011
Sedibelo Feasibility Study ReviewBarrickSouth AfricaStudy workStudy reviewUndisclosed2009
Zandfontein Decline ProjectEastern PlatinumSouth AfricaDesign reviewDesign review and development of EPCM contract and a control budget estimateUndisclosed2008
Magazynskraal / Sedibelo East ProjectBoynton InvestmentsRustenburg, South AfricaSurface infrastructure and underground engineering design for the Magazynskraal/Sedibelo ProjectSurface infrastructure and underground engineering design for the Magazynskraal/Sedibelo ProjectZAR7.9 million2011 – 2012
12 Shaft UG2Impala PlatinumSouth AfricaFeasibility studyFeasibility studyZAR10.7 million2008-2009
9 Shaft Lower UG2 DeclineImpala PlatinumSouth AfricaControl budget estimateControl budget estimateUndisclosed2010
BRPM Phase 3 ImplementationRoyal Bafokeng HoldingsRustenburg, South AfricaProject implementationProject implementationZAR94 million2010 – 2018
K4 Ore Reserve Development ProjectLonminRustenburg, South AfricaEPCM servicesEPCMZAR3.3 billion2009 -current
Kennedy’s Vale & SpitzkopEastern PlatinumSouth AfricaProgramme managementProgramme management of both Kennedy’s Vale & Spitzkop ProjectsUndisclosed2008
Khuseleka Mine (Townlands) Ore Replacement ProjectAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaKhuseleka Mine (Townlands) Ore Replacement Project - designKhuseleka Mine (Townlands) Ore Replacement Project - designZAR22 million2009 – 2013
Main and Ventilation Shaft Feasibility Study to EPCM No 16 ShaftImpala PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaMain and ventilation shaft feasibility study to EPCMMain and ventilation shaft feasibility study to EPCMZAR4.5 billion2004 – 2013
Pandora JV Plan 4 ProjectLonminRustenburg, South AfricaEPCMEPCMZAR20 million2009 – 2012
Spitzkop ProjectEastern PlatinumSouth AfricaFeasibility study to EPCMFeasibility study to EPCMUndisclosed2008/2009
Waterval Bathopele Phase 4 ProjectAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaEPCM servicesEPCM servicesUndisclosed2008 – 2013
Waterval ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaEPCMEPCMZAR150 million2007-2010
Brakfontein ImplementationAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaEPCM servicesEPCMUndisclosed2006-2010
Amandelbult Mine ProjectAnglo American PlatinumSouth AfricaMain and ventilation shaftEPCMUndisclosed2007-2009
K4 ShaftLonminRustenburg, South AfricaMain and ventilation shaftEPCMZAR3.2 billion1999 - 2009
Rowland Merensky Sub-decline ShaftLonminRustenburg, South AfricaEPCM servicesEPCMUndisclosed2011
Turffontein MerenskyAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaDecline extension 34 Level and feasibility study – CIVPrepare pre-feasibility upfrontZAR2.1 million2011 – Current
Khomanani 37-41L Merensky Concept StudyAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaConcept studyConcept studyZAR2.6 million2010 – 2011
Khomanani UG2 26 LevelAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaConcept studyConcept study to detail and establish whether or not there is a business case that could meet the investment criteria hurdle ratesZAR4.6 million2011 – Current
Khuseleka 1 Merensky 28 – 30 Level Concept StudyAnglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaConcept studyConcept studyZAR5.5 million2011
Re-statement for Khuseleka Ore Reserve Development Project (KORP)Anglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaRe-statement for Khuseleka Ore Reserve Development Project (KORP)Re-statement of the work to complete the remaining project scopeZAR2.3 million2011 – Current
Rowland MiddelkraalLonminRustenburg, South AfricaFeasibility study Phase 1 and pre-feasibility study (Phase 2 & 3): engineering designFeasibility study Phase 1 and pre-feasibility study (Phase 2 & 3): engineering designZAR6.2 million2011 - 2012
Styldrift No 2 Shaft Merensky and UG2Royal Bafokeng HoldingsRustenburg, South AfricaConcept studyConduct a review and assistance with the concept study for the exploitation of Styldrift No 2 Merensky and UG2 resourcesZAR4.5 million2011
Siphumelele No 1 Shaft UG2Anglo American PlatinumRustenburg, South AfricaExploitation concept studyProvide a comprehensive project management service. Includes management of nominated sub-consultants from initiation of the project to handover of the study documentsZAR5.3 million2011 – Current
Hossy Shaft Execution ProjectLonminRustenburg, South AfricaEPCM servicesEPCMUndisclosed2008-2017


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