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Eureka Gold Project

Client:        Mmakau Mining SA

Location:   120km North of Harare, Zimbabwe

Status:       Completed August 2011

Project Scope

RSV Gem was contracted by Mmakau Mining SA in April 2010 to conduct a geological evaluation and re-appraisal of the Eureka Gold Mine in Zimbabwe. Eureka was a small operational gold mine between 1895 and 1996. It was acquired by Mmakau Mining - a South African-based diversified mining company - as a mothballed asset in 2005. The operation was closed due to high operating costs, shortage of diesel and other prevailing conditions. The mine has a plant, well-established infrastructure and an incomplete new vertical shaft sunk to a depth of 35m.

The study included confirmation drilling of the resources as cores from previous drilling campaigns were vandalised. It was imperative that a new drilling programme be implemented to be in compliance with the requirements of the SAMREC code with respect to QA/QC assay protocol. Part of the project scope included a confirmation drilling programme wherein we drilled an additional 18 inclined diamond drill holes.

The orebody had a plunge of 30-40 degrees west-southwest and dipped at 45-55 degrees south-east. Given the better-than-expected grades at depth as intersected in some of the previous drill holes, we also drilled some holes in excess of 800m to test this down dip/plunge extension, which is open-ended.

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