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Gosowong Mine K2 Extension

Client:        Newcrest Mining Limited

Location:   Indonesia

Status:      Completed January 2010

Project Scope

The project entailed the design and development of procedures for the manufacture and installation of a self-supporting, concrete brattice wall in the K2 ventilation shaft to a vertical depth of 298m. In addition, it included on-site quality assurance and training of the manufacturing and installation crews. The shaft is concrete lined to a finished internal diameter of 5.55m and the design pressure differential over the wall is 5kPa. The area ratio between intake and exhaust air for the compartments was 60:40. Because no bearer sets were provided along the length of the shaft, each brattice panel had to be supported by the concrete lining and would have to be able to fully bear its own mass and that of the panel directly above it.

The scope of work included the engineering design of the brattice panels to suit the design parameters; design and quality inspections of the casting forms; risk assessment and mitigation plans; set-up of the casting facility and assembly of the casting forms; training of the manufacturing crews; destructive testing of the panels; design of the installation equipment; development of installation procedures and training and assessment of crews; installation supervision and on-the-job training; and quality assurance of the installation. The project was successfully completed, well within the schedule and budget.

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