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Ngaka Coal Project

Client:        Atomic Resources

Location:   Southern Tanzania, Western Australia

Status:       Completed April 2010

Project Scope

RSV Australia was appointed by Atomic Resources to carry out a pre-feasibility study for the open-pit, 2.5 mtpa Ngaka Coal Project. Output from this mine will be used to supply fuel to a local power station and to export high grade coal to the international market. While only the open-pit mine was considered in this phase of the study and used as the basis of the stage gate report, it was believed that the project held significant potential for underground mining. This phase of the project life cycle would provide an early assessment of project value, which could be used to determine whether to invest more in the project or move on to other opportunities.

The project scope included all mine designs and associated infrastructure and product logistics necessary for the exploitation of the RUHUHU depression. This included a processing facility for the subsequent treatment of the coal and all associated off-site infrastructure such as storage and load-out facilities, port facilities, etc.

As part of the scope of work, RSV Australia supplied the following services:

  • Interpretation of geological and geotechnical data
  • Interpretation of the pit design
  • Rock handling system design
  • Washing plant and associated infrastructure
  • Product logistics and associated infrastructure
  • Camp, aerodrome, clinic, etc.
  • Materials handling
  • Staffing and personnel flow
  • Water management
  • Environmental permitting roadmap
  • Capital cost estimates
  • Operational cost estimates
  • Construction schedule
  • Assessment of risks and opportunities

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