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Benga Coal Project

Client:          Riversdale (now Rio Tinto)

Location:      Tete Province, Mozambique

Status:         Completed December 2012

Project Scope

The Benga Coal Project is located in the Tete Province in Mozambique. It has a resource of 2.1 billion tonnes of high quality coking and thermal coal, of which some 1.75 billion tonnes is less than 500 metres deep and amenable to opencast mining.

The project involved both "on-mine" and "off-mine" activities. On-mine work included all work necessary to enable early start activities for the project to take place. Off-mine work included the following:

  • Establishment of a Training Centre on the outskirts of Tete that would allow for training of local labour before the project commenced
  • Design work of the training centre infrastructure that included all terraces and earthworks; all temporary and permanent buildings; all utilities required at the training centre; a transport workshop; an employee village; embarkation point for a ferry across the Zambezi River; a rail siding at Moatize, including a 10km road from the mine to the siding.

On-mine work included all engineering, construction, management and limited procurement of the areas which fell into RSV Limitada's scope of work. This included:

  • The provision of potable water from boreholes, including the design and construction of these and the reticulation system;
  • The provision of the power reticulation network that is required for the entire project commencing at the main consumer substation and including the power distribution to various off-take points;
  • The establishment of an explosives storage facility;
  • The fencing requirements of the project as a whole;
  • The establishment of a concrete batch plant facility to cater for the overall project requirements;
  • The establishing of a mining facility that included an office, warehouse, changehouse, workshop, re-fuelling station, vehicle wash bay, tyre-handling station, contaminated water treatment plant and an ambulance station and clinic; and
  • The establishment of the necessary utilities and reticulation for the entire project, including bulk water, potable water, electrical power, sewage treatment plants and reticulation.

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