ESG Policy Objective

RSV has identified certain areas of focus in establishing, maintaining and improving our performance in terms of our Corporate Social responsibility. These objectives are realistic, measurable and achievable, and will be promoted within our corporate office environment, as well as in interactions with our clients, service providers, staff and project sites.


Promoting responsible use of resources through increased environmental consciousness and inculcating a culture of continuous improvement and support for a transition to a low carbon environment in the future. We will endeavour to minimise negative impacts and promote biodiversity.


We will drive our own and support our clients’ local social programs, to the benefit of our staff and local communities impacted by project activities in areas such as Welfare, health and safety, education, training, upskilling and mentoring and the drive for Zero Harm and respect for Human Rights.


Conducting business ethically by respecting Human Rights, enshrined in our Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, adhering to good governance principles and legal compliance.